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We help busy companies professionally produce industry events or their own internal company events. This includes research with the target audience to create the best possible format and content for that particular event. The goal may be to maximise event profit, attendee numbers, interaction between the audience and speakers or sponsors or "digitise" the event through using social media, webinars and apps - just to name a few. We can help produce and manage any business event internationally – from the company's foundation in 2012 until today we worked on events which took place in London, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Istanbul, Budapest, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Cannes and Johannesburg.

Before that, company director Anja Profozic worked in the events industry in New Zealand since 2007, moved to the UK and launched new shows in London and Manchester while part of UBM in 2009-2010 and joined Informa 's virtual events team at the start of 2011 to launch some of the earliest virtual events.

As research with the target audience is an integral part of any conference or event production, what we can also help an organisation with is research services  with their audience to find out exactly how to create a tailor-made show. 

Because of our background in film and video production, as well as many years of international experience in social media and launching online events, we can integrate these into the production of any event creating the best possible digital event .


What did our clients say about us?

"Congratulations to girls from the Proper team for exceptional organisation of the event, professionalism and great responsibility. There are no obstacles these girl can't overcome!" - Marina Mihoković, Mihoković Ltd., Croatia - exhibitor at Best Stay 2016

"I was impressed by the excellent organization from the Proper team." - Viktor Lenac, Solkonto, Croatia - participant at E-GO 2016

"Thanks to the Proper girls on an excellent organisation and positive energy they were spreading during these rainy days. I believe that each one of us has received at least one new information and a different perspective and can say, without a doubt, that we all had a great time!"- Toni Radman, Harbour Apartments, Croatia - participant at Best Stay 2016



Proper Events & Research team


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