5G projects 2018-2020

5G conferences around the globe took place a long time before the initial launches of 5G networks, which some of the most advanced telecom operators kicked off at the end of 2018.

Before and during this time, we've helped our clients, who were the main organisers of 5G events, research the key topics that 5G experts wanted to know about, that the key 5G technology vendors wanted to showcase and that were essential for the 5G deployments around the world, based on best practice sharing.

We also recruited and managed international speakers and moderators for many 5G events, helped our clients with data research, attendee acquisition and managing the events on the day.

As the Covid-19 pandemic occured, most of these events moved online so we continued with our support in the online world through virtual 5G events. Some of the events we've worked on and are working on include:

5G World - The BIG 5G event - 5G Latin America - 5G MENA - Global 5G Summit and User Congress

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash.jpgPhoto by Jams Yarema on Unsplash

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