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As the key part of conference production is research with the target market to find out exactly what they need from the event, we also provide standalone research services and analysis reports. In the past, our director Anja Profozic worked on projects for Academic Search International , providing executive search for new roles in the international academic sector, as well as detailed research analysis for University of Auckland's Film, TV and Media Studies department  (4 year snapshot project).

The types of research and analysis we can take on for you with include:

- Quantitative and qualitative research through online, telephone and face-to-face interviews, questionnaires, focus groups with your customers, B2B or B2C

- Product development and testing with the target audience

- Marketing research, including product, price, distribution, promotion research

- Research for internationalisation, export or import: New market research and competition analysis

- Current employees research, mystery shopping and international HR research for new roles

- Data analysis and interpretation

- Research results reports and action recommendations


Research the potential of your new research project with us today - just fill in the contact form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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