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We have 10+ years of experience in working for or with successful conference and events companies spread across the globe. This includes producing conferences of all sizes, content for large exhibitions as well as virtual events in various sectors, including law, construction, architecture, sustainability, property, education, pharmaceuticals, accounting, finance, management, HR, marketing, IT, telecommunications and technology.

The key factor to producing successful events is indepth research  with the target audience to find out exactly what they need from the event. This is followed by analysis of research results and wider market environment to design and build the event format and content - the full one, two or three day event programme. This includes making contact with and managing industry experts, including speakers, sponsors and media partners, as well as marketing the event and managing the programme on the day.

We have produced many conferences from scratch to finish (initial research to running the event) and have also assisted clients in freelancing and only taking part in certain parts of the project (eg. Research and programme writing, speaker acquisition, managing social media activities or managing the event on the day).

What we can do for you: If you have an annual or a brand new event, whether you are an events company or not, we can help you achieve your event’s goals and, in turn, your organisation’s goals, by using our experience. Based on your targets for attendance numbers, content or speaker quality, marketing campaign, event profits or something else, we will produce the best possible programme by creating the most suitable event format, focus and content for you.

Contact us directly for references and previous project examples, or if you have any other questions.

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Image credit: Cydcor Offices

Slider-image credit: Chung Ho Leung

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