2020 - The year of virtual events?

2020 wasn't our first year of experience in working on virtual events. In fact, we've started working on virtual events all the way back in 2009! Therefore, when the pandemic hit and the first "physical" events started moving online, we already had plenty of experience under our belt. Read more about that here

It all started in February 2020, with major events being cancelled or postponed around the globe, such as the Mobile World Congress . As we had already produced events which were meant to happen in the first half of 2020, we were asked by our clients to help with moving them online. One of such events was Future Edtech , which took place on the original date of the conference in a shorter format, but very engaging audiences from all around the world, video roundtable discussions and dynamic panel discussions for which the main part of the discussion was pre-recorded the week before, while the Q&A part was taking place live with many questions from the audience.

We worked on many more virtual events in 2020 so stay tuned for another post with lessons learnt about virtual events in 2020 - what worked and what didn't!

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