"The conference was great and we were more than satisfied with the topics, participants and how well the marketing presentations were implemented. The exhibitors were great as well. I think that you could not choose a better venue as the hotel was amazing. In the end, the best of all was your organizing team that was kind and very professional. It was a honor and pleasure to participate on one of the panels and to be one of the participants." - Sandi Kovačević, Hotel Cubo, Slovenia - speaker at Best Stay 2016

“I believe that E-GO has, with its professional approach, laid out the foundation for creating one of the leading regional conferences in the field of e-vehicles and their challenges.” - Bernard Beneš, Auto IQ, Croatia - media partner at E-GO 2016

"The event is fantastic. The one fact that I was commenting on with my colleague was the schedule. There are no delays, which is great. It is difficult to stay on track at conferences, especially when there is a large number of speakers. This event is dynamic, the logistics are good. In the terms of the operative part, the conference is of high quality, the audience is very good, and so are the topics. I believe there should be opportunities for more similar events in the future." - Bojan Hadžisejdić, Omega Software, Croatia - sponsor at Smart Public Sector 2017

"Compliments to the team for flawless organisation and the effort which resulted in a casual and relaxed, but at the same time complex and highly professional event." - Hospitality Consultant and Partner Sales Manager - Špica sustavi, Croatia, exhibitor at Best Stay 2016

“The event was extremely interesting because this topic is our future. With improvements in battery capacity, the spread of the power grid and charging infrastructure development, electric and hybrid vehicles will certainly be of utmost importance in the near future.”- Kristijan Sahula, Konzum, Croatia - hosted buyer at E-GO 2016

"I really enjoyed my trip to Zagreb and the insights and perspectives that I gained during the event." - Mihai Bilauca, Limerick City and County Council, Ireland -  speaker at Smart Public Sector 2017

“An unbelievably high level of quality, given that it was the first edition of the event. The topics were very compatible with each other and well selected, chronologically supporting one another, and bringing all the different themes relevant to e-mobility together under one roof.” - Dragan Milićević, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia - attendee at E-GO 2016

"Ambitious and dynamic conference with an innovative approach, including a number of interesting topics, international speakers and real-time interaction with the audience." - Vlatka Stanić, Grand Hotel Bonavia, Croatia - speaker at Best Stay 2015

"Compliments on my part, I was especially amazed because the conference is oriented towards the user. You offer what we all need and that is the user-vendor interaction." - Robert Višković, Hrvatski Telekom, Croatia - sponsor at Best Stay 2016

"The conference was very interesting and useful, congratulations to the whole team for a successful organization. Events like yours should become a regular practice." - Tamara Milić, Financial Agency, Croatia - speaker at Smart Public Sector 2017

“Organisation was on a high level, I was pleasantly surprised by a very wide range of topics. So far this is the best organised tourism conference in Croatia.” Katarina Pernar, integralni Hotel Mare&Mons, Croatia - attendee at Best Stay 2015



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