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Digital event services

Because of our background in film and video production, as well as many years of international experience in social media and launching online events, we can integrate the following into the production of any event, or just help with the part you need help with the most:

- Social media before, during and after the event

- Event technology such as apps, audience voting tools, IT platforms for 365 days a year audience engagement

- Webcasts and virtual events

- Filming and video production (including interviews with speakers or sponsors, event promo video)


Make sure your events are top notch and include the latest technology to engage your audience, speakers and sponsors. By integrating an event promo video or an event app into your planning, you will be able to really showcase why people should get involved. Stay modern, social and online every day of the year to make the most out of what you are aiming to achieve with your next event.

For examples and to discuss the details, contact us .



Image credit: Movieing Memories

Slider-image credit: Chung Ho Leung

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