Conference and Exhibition Content Production for "Remodelling Education Spaces"

This was a project completed while Anja worked for UBM in 2010. As part of a larger education show which took place each year in London, this 1.5 day conference happened on the grounds of the University of Manchester and focused on renovation of existing schools and other educational buildings.

There was a paid-for conference with 200+ attendees, as well as free content (case studies and seminars) on the exhibition floor, surrounded by 30+ exhibition stands.

With the right kind of audience research, developing a focused event content and format, while taking place at the right point in time, this show was a success! It proved that it's always very relevant to consider where and how to develop your event, and tailor it to what your audience really needs at that particular point in time.

Remodelling education spaces.jpg

Slider-image credit: Jim Larrison

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