How to make your B2B event stand out from the crowd

Today, with many events going on at the same time, event producers need to step up the game to create a product that will stand out. Here are some ideas for doing so!


Event title

Developing a name for your event is key. Think of how you can make it different and memorable. Does it need to include all the key words of the event topic? Does it need to include a regional focus or would it be a "global" gathering? Could you make it an acronym that's easy to say? If the main focus of event event is a debate between two diverse topics or subjects, could the name of your event be A vs. B, or even a question? Keep thinking!

Marketing profs ' advice:

  • Don't describe—distinguish.
  • If it's comfortable—forget it.
  • Keep it brief.

Let your mind wonder. And if you can’t decide yourself let your audience do it for you. Either let them choose from a number of your suggestions or make them think of it themselves - for a free ticket or a discount.

This very nicely takes us to another aspect of making your event stand out, which is:


Event marketing

We all know that marketing has changed a lot over the past decade. There are plenty of things you can do nowadays for little or no cost. We mentioned already in our other blog what you can get out of social media .

Also check out these creative ways to promote hashtags at events

What about recommendations? How can you make the most of those? Here's an interesting view on it: "mass market communication to a customer-centered model that engages in two-way communication has changed the game. John Murcott, CEO of Crowdster says that 84% of people trust recommendations over other forms of marketing. So figuring out new ways to turn customers into your biggest brand promoters is a top priority for marketers". See more at: CMN Events

With all the benefits of social media and online marketing, cool email campaigns, think of how you can be different by going back to tradtional marketing methods. What about the old direct mail, is it dead? How do you feel about receiving a postcard these days, rather than an email from your friend who is travelling? That's just a few thoughts to get you going on the marketing front! 


Event venue

There are plenty of options here, all depending on what the goal of your event is. Do you need to host your event in  a 5 star hotel? Does it need to be inside or could it be outdoors? Could you have several venues for your event, perhaps including site visits?

Keep in mind that unique environments don't always make the best conference spaces, but it's worth doing your homework to find out.

There are hundreds of unusual venues to choose from, from 500 year old banqueting halls to penthouses on top of the newest office skyscrapers. Choose the space that best goes with your conference and event branding.

Look for inspiration on one of these sites (for London): Venue search London ​,  This is Funky , or internationally Venue Finder  

Also check out these unexpected venues across the world

Conference ticket type and cost

There are many possible pricing strategies for your event (you can read more about them here ) but what you should focus on is what would work best for your event.

There are different ways you could charge for your conference. If you are organising a two or three day conference, would your audience appreciate one day rates? Could the event be free for part of your audience, to attract more relevant atttendees? 

Could you find insipration in pricing in other industries? Let's consider TV - "Video on-demand viewing is skyrocketing as 70 percent of Camscore subscribers watch stuff on demand" (source:All Things D ). Why would you not use the same strategy for your next event or conference? Could you record your conference topics and discussions and let people join live or view on demand later? Would this also benefit your website, by attracting more traffic throughout the year? 


Event format


Again, think outside of the box to make your event stand out. Does it really need to start at 9 am and consist only of presentations and PowerPoint slides? 

Is your goal to make the event innovative, highly interactive, attendee-driven? If so, you can achieve all of these by tailoring the event programme. Engage your participants before, during and after the conference, make them more involved.

Check out these innovative event ideas and pick the one or few that work best for you.


Good luck! If you need any help, give us a shout.


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