Speaker acquisition for "Digital TV in Central & Eastern Europe" 2012 (Prague), 2013 (Krakow), 2014 (Budapest)

Project: Digital TV CEE 2012, 2013, 2014

Sometimes event teams need a little bit of help with speaker acquisition, whether they know who they want to invite to speak or not. It may be that you are trying to grow your event and need the extra resources to invite the potential speakers. Without doing anything else other than suggesting potential speakers or companies, the end result of bringing us on board is a number of confirmed presenters and panelists on the programme for your event!

An example of such a project included inviting and confirming 60+ international speakers from TV channels, cable operators, telco operators, regulators and consultants for 3 years in a row - Digital TV CEE in 2012 (Prague), 2013 (Krakow), 2014 (Budapest). We ended up also helping out with event management onsite each year - it was quite good to put the faces to the names!

"As a speaker of DTV CEE (for 3 years in a row) I can only praise Anja’s skills and abilities. During these events she demonstrated professional attitude, perfect communicational and management skills, combined with great determination and excellent knowledge of industry specifics." - Head of web projects department, NTV Plus

Slider-image credit: Jim Larrison

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