Why you should use an event app

It's no big news that apps are becoming more and more popular. According to the latest Comscore US mobile app report"the strong growth in mobile app usage has propelled it to take over the majority of digital media time spend at 52 percent….accounting for approx. 7 out of every 8 minutes of activity on mobile devices".

Despite such statistics, adoption of mobile apps by producers and planners is still low in the events industry. One of the major reasons why only a few of us are tapping into this brave new world is, at first thought, and as usually, BUDGET. However, this in-depth study found on Guidebook reveals the real cost of an event app - you will be surprised how affordable it can actually be.

So, no more excuses - get going with building your app today to use it at your event tomorrow. If you need help or suggestions, or would like to post some comments on the use of apps for events, message us - we're keen to work with others to make event apps integral to the events industry, it makes sense!


For more information on how to use other social media tools for your upcoming event click here

Infographics taken from: Guidebook

Cover image credit: Jeffrey

Slider-image credit: Jim Larrison

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